It’s been a busy week for Apple, they released new iPhones, iOS 7 and now they have an update for the Apple TV. The update changes the emphasis of the device from a box you stream local content to a device for playing your iTunes cloud content.

The update adds streaming movies, TV and music from iTunes so content you have purchased can be played on the big screen. Prior to the update you would have had to download the content to an iOS device   and the Airplay it, now no extra device is needed. I was able to play my purchased music and movies directly from the Apple TV.

Podcasts are also synced across iOS devices and you can view photos and videos from your iCloud store. Also added to the Apple TV is Vevo music video streaming content and iTunes Radio.

This is probably the biggest change to the Apple TV for some time and well worth installing. I still wished they would open it up to 3rd party developers.

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