Brian Binnerup from My Movies sent me a link to his video demo of My Movies with a ChromeCast dongle. With the ChromeCast integration you can browse your movie catalogue from the Android app and then stream them to the TV via the ChromeCast dongle. Google have to approve ChromeCast apps but looking at how well ChromeCast works with My Movies I can’t see any problems with that. Brian says initially the Android app will get the features but other platforms could get ChromeCast support as well.

It would be a great way to get movies on the TV, let’s hope Google release the ChromeCast dongle here in the UK soon.

2 thoughts on “My Movies adding ChromeCast support to My Movies server and Android app”
  1. I believe that this is jumping to conclusions.

    We have been working on integrating Chromecast into our My Movies software:

    You register as a developer, and receive an app id, and create a sender and a receiver – the SDK does nowhere mention that Google will block local media, but the developer who released the software mentioned in the article worked around the system to release something even before Google is ready with the final SDK, and therefore ready to approve applications.

    If Google decides to block local media, even when fully following the documentation, I must say that as developers, we would be somewhat upset with such limitation not being mentioned when Google invited developers in mass – we even described our purpose when registering as developers for the Chromecast. If Google were to block this, we would have expected they would not just approve the developer applications in mass without looking at the described purposes.

    However, I can certainly understand that Google blocks software that bypasses the model they have made available – if this is using Google’s receiver HTML, Google suddenly could not change their HTML in the future without breaking a lot of third party applications that used it, instead of using the official SDK. Once released to the public, end-users do not know that the developers bypassed the SDK, and it would now suddenly be the Chromecast that was unreliable and not working.

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