Review: Instant OpenELEC Starter eBook

Instant OpenELEC is an eBook by Mikkel Viager aimed at helping you to get started building a Media Center based on OpenELEC. The eBook is broken up into sections about OpenELEC, installation, managing XBMC, top 10 features and resources for more information on OpenELEC.

The book does a good job explaining the features of OpenELEC and what you can expect to get out of it. It also explains the hardware you are going need to get started with OpenELEC.

As OpenELEC can be installed on different platforms the book explains how to install the media center system on a PC and Raspberry Pi. It explains where to get the source files from and how to pick the correct build. It walks you through downloading the media, creating the install and the tools you will need help you. Installing OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi can be quiet tricky for inexperienced users and the book does a great job in explaining what you will need and how to get the files on to a bootable SD card.


In the managing XBMC section it shows you how to add content to XBMC, if you are new to XBMC it can be trick to work out how to add media to the relevant media libraries including via FTP and Windows shares. There are some good tips on using RSS, customising the skin and installing XBMC add-ons. It also takes you through playing back content, managing the library and indexing your movie and TV collection. There is also a guide on using an Android device as a remote control for XMBC.

There is a really good list of resources for XBMC and it’s written in a nice simple style that doesn’t assume to much prior knowledge. It walks you through downloading and installing OpenELEC and there are some good tips along with the guide. Overall I found the book to be a very useful resource for anyone interested in getting started with XBMC and OpenELEC, it’s a good guide for new users and even a few tips for seasoned users.

The book is available from Packt website and on Amazon for £5.09

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