My Movies have been working on improving their movie metadata services for XBMC Frodo with the recently released My Movies Pro for MAC OSX, these changes came in version 1.30 the current version is 1.31.


I recently wrote about my frustrations with My Movies metadata and XBMC here and since then things have improved considerably at least on the MAC, there is still no current support for TV Series metadata though just movie metadata. I am currently using the in-built TheTVDB scraper in XBMC for TV Series.

The My Movies team I can confirm are now also working on updating the Windows and WHS versions of My Movies to support XBMC Frodo better.

I have a 27” iMAC machine so was able to beta test this new version of My Movies Pro for MAC OSX. I will be comparing the My Movies metadata against the XBMC Universal Movie Scraper and I am using the Aeon MQ4 XBMC skin.

My Movies metadata for Bolt


Universal Movie Scraper for Bolt


My Movies metadata for Madagascar 2


Universal Movie Scraper for Madagascar 2


My Movies metadata for Nemo


Universal Movie Scraper for Nemo


Things that were previously broken and what they fixed:

Previously when using My Movies metadata for XBMC a movie title might look like the screen shot below, you can see various things were missing, like the rating logo in the top left corner, the actor images, country and some of the media info icons would be missing or incorrect. Studio icons would also not normally be displayed and the media type icons e.g. XVID, H.264 etc would either be missing or incorrect, also the duration times were all incorrect.

[Image: Nemo.png?psid=1]

The My Movies development team have now resolved these issues and generally the My Movies metadata is as good as what the XBMC Universal Movie Scraper is displaying. The only weak point is the Written By field which can be unavailable on some titles, as in the My Movies IMDB cast import option it did not import this historically, so now some titles have this data and some do not.

I am looking forward to testing the updated Windows versions!

4 thoughts on “My Movies Pro for MAC OSX adds XBMC Frodo metadata”
  1. looks like the tagline is missing as well.

    I use media elch, I find that it works fine when xbmc doesn’t find the right movie.

    I fire it up every now and again otherwise and update newly added films with local metadata.

    In the post mymovies days i’m struggling to see the point of mymovies.

  2. i agree with tomson, this is only a question for existing MyMovies users. better and free always beats less good and expensive. plus with the universal scrapers you actually get to contribute to a community resource rather than someone’s pocket.

  3. I never even noticed the missing tag lines. My Movies doesn’t currently support them but will in My Movies v5.

    From an XBMC users point of view I can understand your comments and the Universal Movie scraper and TheTVDB scraper do a reasonable job for me.

    However from a custom installers point of view they look for more stable and reliable online meta-data providers. They don’t mind paying for such services. I agree My Movies is not there yet for full meta-data support for XBMC, however big changes are in the pipe-line with regards to their back-end online services and with the introduction of title profiles for online digitally purchased / obtained movie and TV show content. Currently My Movies is really geared up for DISC profiles. All of this will be changing and they will be supporting both DISC and online title profiles meaning in the future it will lend itself better to providing meta-data for downloaded content and to other Media Center front-ends such as XBMC and not just for Windows MCE.

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