CoPilot the navigation app I use on my Nexus 4 and recently released for Windows Phone is getting an update. The iOS and Android versions are getting a new Just Drive mode that is designed to give you full map data, safety camera warnings and speedometer without the need to set a final destination. Often I know how to get where I want to go but I want some map information on the screen and have things like traffic data so this is a much need option.

Also in the update are more granular controls over mobile data user. You can select which features get access to the mobile data network so you can keep your data bills down.

Other changes include updated street maps, improved SwiftKey support and cloud backup of your settings.

The update to the Android version is available now and the iOS version is coming soon.

Press Release:

CoPilot® navigation apps get new mobile data controls and ‘Just Drive’ mode

London 27th June:  ALK Technologies, the leading provider of car navigation and GeoLogistics™ software, is pleased to announce a new update for its award-winning CoPilot® sat nav apps for iOS and Android.

The update (v9.4.2) brings new connectivity settings to CoPilot that give users complete control over how, why and when the app accesses the mobile Internet. Drivers can avoid unnecessary data charges by selecting which of CoPilot’s Live features they keep active, or they can choose to navigate completely offline.

The update also adds a new ‘Just Drive’ guidance mode to make it easier for drivers to keep their bearings when navigating without a final destination entered. This frequently requested feature combines a full-screen map for optimal driver orientation, with essential on-road information including safety camera warnings and speedometer.

“We are always working to enhance CoPilot to address real-world driver issues such as mobile data usage, driver distraction and reliable maps”, said David Quin, head of consumer applications at ALK Technologies. “We know that people are particularly concerned about the cost of using the mobile internet when roaming abroad and even at home, so we’ve added in-app connectivity controls for complete peace of mind when navigating with your smartphone. The CoPilot community also tells us that they don’t always need voice directions when driving, and our new “Just Drive” mode was developed in direct response to that feedback.”

New features in CoPilot version 9.4.2 include:

•           New Connectivity settings and offline switch: CoPilot users can enjoy complete control over in-app data usage.

•           Just Drive mode: New map-only guidance view with on-screen speedometer, compass, safety camera alerts and speed limit warnings.

•           Closed road alert: If CoPilot’s ActiveTraffic™ service detects a closed road on your route you can easily choose an alternative route to avoid lengthy delays.

•           Automatic Cloud Backup: CoPilot can now automatically save your settings, favourites and recent destinations for easy restore if you need to reinstall the app or move to a new phone

•           Completely updated automotive-grade street maps for European and North America users

•           Swiftkey support for Android: Fixes a compatibility issue with the incredibly popular Swiftkey keyboard.

•           Other Fixes: We’ve made a number of under the hood improvements throughout the app, in particular to tunnel mode to make it more reliable.

CoPilot v9.4.2 is available immediately for Android as a free update for existing users through Google Play and will be available for iOS users shortly.

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