The guys developing the excellent Xbian release of XBMC for Raspberry Pi have updated the build to include the latest version of XBMC. The latest version includes XBMC Frodo 12.2 which has a lot of optimisation and bug fixes. To upgrade your build In XBMC go to System -> Settings -> XBian -> Updates

Details from Xbian


Fixed infinite loop on addon dependencies, resolves crashing problem that arrose immediately post 12.1 launch

Numerous UPnP fixes

Memory leak fixed when XBMC is minimized

Various Raspberry Pi playback fixes and software codec support

Fixed OSX audio mixing

Fixed some audio-related crashes in Linux builds

AirPlay fixes

Bluray folder resume-bookmarks now work

Ability to scan for new content on file folders has been reimplemented

Language updates from Transifex

You can see the full article on the XBMC site by clicking here. (press read more for more information about this update)

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