If you are testing My Movies on a Mac there is a new build of the app. Pre Release 5 of My Movies for OSX is probably the last build of the app before the final version is submitted to the app store so it’s the last chance to get your feedback to the My Movies Team.

Download and details at MyMovies.dk

This spring, we need help from our users on reviewing and testing a Pre Release of My Movies for Mac OS X 1.30 before it is public released in the App Store. If you would like to help us review, it is important that you read this page before you download the application.

The application is provided for download on this page free of charge – you are not required to have purchased the application in the App Store prior to reviewing it, although we mainly would like feedback from existing users of the application, who would like to use the added functionalities of the application.

Notice! The application is time bombed, and will stop to function in the initial version on April 15’th, where the review period either will be extended with a new build for download on this page, or the review period will be ended, and the update have been made available in the App Store.

If you have not already purchased the application in the App Store, you will once the review ends have to either revert to the limited “Free” version, or purchase the application in the App Store.



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