XBian for the Raspberry Pi now includes XBMC Frodo 12.1


XBMC 12.1 Frodo has just been released and already the XBian team have 12.1 in their build of XBMC for the Raspberry Pi. This update has improved video playback a new dual audio system and experimental wiimote supports.

Fast work by the Xbian team! More details and the download on the Xbian site.


  • Improvements to video playback (thanks Dom!)
  • Bug fixes
  • Libcec 2.1.1; more tv’s supported, bugfixes & other improvements. (thanks opdenkamp!)
  • Cleaned up the XBMC power menu
  • Dual audio output; output audio via analogue & HDMI at the same time. You can enable this under System -> Settings -> System -> Audio ouptut -> Set audio output to “all”. (lots of thanks to stupid-boy!)
  • Experimental wiimote support, install guide

How to install

In XBMC go to System -> Settings -> XBian -> Updates. If this doesn’t not work please use the alternative method.

Alternative method
Connect to your Raspberry Pi using SSH (how to SSH) and execute the following commands. The default password = “raspberry”.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install xbian-package-xbmc -y

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