XBMC 12.1 Frodo has just been released and already the XBian team have 12.1 in their build of XBMC for the Raspberry Pi. This update has improved video playback a new dual audio system and experimental wiimote supports.

Fast work by the Xbian team! More details and the download on the Xbian site.


  • Improvements to video playback (thanks Dom!)
  • Bug fixes
  • Libcec 2.1.1; more tv’s supported, bugfixes & other improvements. (thanks opdenkamp!)
  • Cleaned up the XBMC power menu
  • Dual audio output; output audio via analogue & HDMI at the same time. You can enable this under System -> Settings -> System -> Audio ouptut -> Set audio output to “all”. (lots of thanks to stupid-boy!)
  • Experimental wiimote support, install guide

How to install

In XBMC go to System -> Settings -> XBian -> Updates. If this doesn’t not work please use the alternative method.

Alternative method
Connect to your Raspberry Pi using SSH (how to SSH) and execute the following commands. The default password = “raspberry”.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install xbian-package-xbmc -y

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