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Today Skype have updated the desktop version of Skype for Windows. Version 6.3 has a lot of bug fixes and quality improvements (see the bellow). You can get the updated version from Details from the Skype blog:

Today we have released a new version of Skype for Windows.

Skype 6.3 for Windows is a maintenance release which brings to you a set of quality and performance related improvements.

Start downloading the new version of Skype now.

Let us know what you think about the new release by discussing what matters on the Skype Support Network.

Full release notes for Skype are:


Fixed issues:

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Accessibility Start screen sharing pop-up was not accessible.
Tooltips Tooltips were not properly displayed on monitor setups other than 32bit.
Profile Seldomly profile edits were not saved.
Accessibility Incoming contact request details where not accessible.
Add contact Add contact dialogue was not correctly displayed on multi-monitor setup.
File sending In some cases when editing received filename the file extension was lost.
Snapshots Skype froze when opening snapshot gallery with large amount of pictures.
Calling IM button sometimes did not work during call in case call window was at minimum size.
Compact view Profile window in compact view did not downscale.
Localization Call toolbar texts did not fit onto screen on some languages.
Call Quality Guide Call Quality Guide window was sometimes partially hidden.
Avatar picture change Non-square pictures were not properly scaled, when user set them as avatar picture.
Accessibility Option to choose how message will be sent was not always reachable by keyboard.
File sending When clicking „Save as“ button in received file in compact mode it brought into focus Skype main window, instead of file saving dialogue.

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