Movie Premier for Windows 8/RT

Last month we told you about a movie app for Windows 8 and Windows RT called Movie Premier that gives you a nice visual front end to your movie collection. Today the app has been updated adding support for content stored on a NAS drive or local folders previously it would only play content in the Windows default video folder. Along with the storage options you can now pick the file types you want to the app to play and select customer application backgrounds.

From my Surface RT I was able to add movies stored on my network and it downloaded the metadata. The app is nice way of viewing your video collection from a Windows 8 or Windows RT device and it’s free from the Windows Store.

Release notes

– Minor bug fixes and enhancements
– Added ability for NAS based content to be added as a network drive
– Added ability to add local, network and individual movie folders
– Added more support for existing collection backdrop image files
– Added ability to specify custom application background


Movie Premier caters to the home entertainment and movie enthusiast who desires to have a Windows 8 movie player and media library browser. Movie Premier has been designed to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience. The easy to use interface and carefully thought out options and screens allow users to spend more time watching movies rather than worrying about library maintenance and performance.


– Watch movies from your collection

– Build out your own movie playlist to be watched at your convenience

– Download and display movie posters and backdrops

– Automate synchronization with online movie meta-data providers

– Specify local and network folders to include in your movie collection

– Import existing movie meta-data from other providers

– Search for movies based on keywords, actors, titles and many other attributes

– Customize the home page and app background

– View movies categorically by genre, actor, ratings, user favorites and more

– View trailers for movies in your collection

– Resume playback for any movie which has been recently viewed

– Semantic zoom support to make viewing large collections easier

– Performance tested for media libraries containing more than 10,000 titles



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