Media Center Health Monitor

Today I have put out an update for Media Center Health Monitor that will alert you to problem with recordings, disk space etc via Twitter. So as well as the notification via email, popup and the web service the app can tweet you when there is a problem with you Windows Media Center system.

I did have Twitter features in the old version but I removed then due the changes in the Twitter API. The updated version uses a PIN system with Twitter and doesn’t store any of your twitter details in the application.

To use Twitter load the app and go to the Twitter tab, click on Start Authorize. Then enter your Twitter username and password details and click on Authorise App. It will give you a PIN number which you can type in the PIN box, then click on the Complete Authorise button. This will enable the program to post on your behalf but does not have any of your Twitter details.

I created a separate Twitter account to post the statues to and then I followed the new account. The app will post service status changes, recording events and low disk space warnings.

For more details about the program read this post from last week and to get started to here

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