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Channel 5 have updated the Demand 5 app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The update fixes a problem with the app crashing after 24 hours, whether anyone actually watches 24 hours of Channel 5 content is debatable!

Also in the release notes is an update pointing out that the app will only put out content via displays that supports HDCP. So that rules out using VGA connected monitors to watch Channel 5. HDMI, View Port and DVI will work ok. It’s interesting that Channel 5 block analogue outputs as I am pretty sure if you use the web version VGA will still work. At least Channel 5 have an app, while the BBC have said they are going to support Windows Phone 8 they have said nothing about Windows 8/RT

The app is free from the Windows Store


Release notes

This update provides a fix to the reported crashing issue after 24 hours.

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Recommended hardware

Demand 5 content can only be played on digital displays that support HDCP.  These are generally monitors or TVs that are connected to a computer using HDMi, View Port or DVI connections.

VGA connections are analogue and are therefore not supported.

Please note: not all digital devices support HDCP so please check the manufacturers’ specifications to ensure your device is compatible

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