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My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.05 has been released. Last week there was last test build of 4.05 and today the final version of 4.05 has been released. This update has lot of bug fixes and changes, plus some new features like support for ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6.

You can get the app from the download page on


Added: View history option on persons.
Added: Option to set volume in remote API.
Added: Additional music commands for remote API.
Added: Support for ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6
Added: Transcoding profiles to registry, allowing for better debugging.

Change: Mede8er about page is now stored in 1080P for higher quality.
Change: Better media info for BDMV folders.
Change: Users Collection changes in regards to TV Series on disc titles are now handled by the server. The client has been changed to work correspondingly.
Change: Automatic refresh rate changing avoids changing 3D Blu-ray’s, which are changed by the player automatically.
Change: Adjustment of delay when reverting refresh rate after TMT or PowerDVD starts.
Change: Better support for Daemon Tools auto-detection.
Change: Update of actor data can now be done at all times.
Change: Uploading an empty collection to the online service will now produce an error.
Change: Updated about page graphics.
Change: Installer now prompts user if they are installing for personal or professional usage, to avoid continued problems with professionals being in violation of license.
Change: AnyDVD version check removed, as it now is expected to always be required version, as prior version is more than four years old.
Change: Better messages if the application could not connect to the database.

Update: Added 48 Hz as option for 24P in automatic refresh rate changing.
Update: Update to Mede8er meta-data storage.
Update: Using newest collection methods on webservice to be able to distinquish versions.

Fix: Collection sync now works with information regarding if a episode is belonging to a disc or not.
Fix: Calls to update online collection has been updated to work with the new “server” controlled episode management.
Fix: The data service API did not work correct on Collection Management installations.
Fix: Minor issue with logging of connection open and closes.
Fix: Prevent installation on machines with same username as machine name. This will give SQL Server install error.
Fix: TV Series did not sort by sort title.
Fix: SQL Server install exit code 3010 indicating a reboot required came up as an error message.
Fix: Increased timeout when uploading user collection.
Fix: Extended the timeout time for box set contributions
Fix: Installation on Windows 8 could fail for some users due to SQL Server checks.
Fix: Avoid clients to update collection statuses, media info updates and info storage, to avoid both server and clients to process the same things at the same time.
Fix: Media Player Home Classic would in some situations not be closed on X86 systems.
Fix: IMDB search did not work after an IMDB site change.
Fix: TV Series was not deleted when owner disc title was deleted.
Fix: Language is now set correctly on newly added TV episodes, when collection is synced from server.
Fix: Box set contribution now show better messages when some or all of the covers in the box set are locked or unchanged.
Fix: Moved event handler launched event, as it was not fired in all situations.
Fix: Change of point check to ensure quicker launch in Windows Media Center.
Fix: Support for Sony XL1B Media Changers updated, and hopefully now Works in Windows 7 SP1. These no longer works in Windows 8 Media Centers native movie library, and through the Media Center SDK, where they are broken by Microsoft.
Fix: AnyDVD could be disabled in situations where drive was not ready and the disc id could not be read.

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