My Movies for Windows Phone

My Movies is a great selection of app for managing, cataloguing and watching movies on a variety of platforms. What started out as an addin for Windows Media Center has now expanding to including Windows Server, iOS, Android and Mac apps. One platform missing is Windows Phone but that is about to change as Brian Binnerup and the My Movies team have announced on Facebook that they have started working on a Windows Phone version of the app.

In the post the team say they are looking to use their Facebook page as a way to request feedback for the development process. They will be creating polls on their page which should help the team with the development of the project.

Head over to their Facebook page to vote on the features and read more about the development.

We have started development of our mobile applications on Windows Phone.

Over the next period we will use our Facebook page to request inputs from our users to be able to fully decide on the functionality level of the application before an initial release, and request various of other inputs from all of you.

We hope that those of you with Windows Phones, or plans of purchasing a Windows Phone within the next year will help us by answering the created polls.

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