The Ceton Echo Windows Media Center Extender is still in the beta phase but it looks like it may just have got a bit more interesting. Ceton are planning to add Android to the device so it will run Android apps, in a email sent to tester yesterday (and posted on Ceton say that the update to include Android will be later in the year but it does open up a lot of options for the Extender, think NetFlix, iPlayer and so on. It’s a great idea and by taking away the total reliance on Windows Media Center makes sense given Microsoft’s commitment to Media Center.

Also included in the latest update is 108p video support.


In the next 24 hours we’ll be issuing a firmware update with some new capabilities.  Please power cycle your Echo to automatically initiate the update process.  The new firmware includes a couple of key new features:

1080 video support – you will be able to watch TV, recordings and videos up to 1080p format.  

Settings Screen – Echo settings have now been exposed.  To enable this you will need to install a Media Center plugin on your PC.  Please follow the on-screen instructions after the Echo firmware update is complete.  Once installed you’ll see a new menu item called Echo Settingsthat lets you adjust system settings to:

  • Enable optical audio out
  • Enable audio bitstreaming over HDMI or optical
  • Manage Echo software updates
  • Run Echo diagnostics

Over the course of the coming weeks and months we’ll roll out additional updates that will include general improvements as well as new features.

Adding Android Support

Speaking of new features, one of the big projects we’ve been working on is adding the Android platform to Echo!  As you might imagine, having Android will give us lots of opportunity to extend the Echo in interesting new ways with more capabilities and apps.  Android is not included in this week’s update but we’re working hard to get it out as a Christmas present 🙂   Since you’re probably wondering … it’s the Ice Cream Sandwich version.

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