For playing back video files of a variety of formats I tend to use GoodPlayer, it will play almost any formats including mkv and flv. The latest update adds support for the new iPhone 5 and iOS6 but due to a patent dispute removes support for AC-3, E-AC-3 and TrueHD. It looks like legal problems have forced the change and it does reduce the range of formats playable with the app. So if AC-3 audio is important for you don’t bother with this update.

Details of the changes:

What’s New in Version 5.8

!!! Back up older GoodPlayer version before upgrading, please check the following update log first!!!
1 Please note: due to patent reasons, the AC-3(A52), E-AC-3 and TrueHD(MLP) audio supports are removed from this 5.8 version. Please back up older GoodPlayer version before upgrading!!!
2 iPhone 5 and iOS 6 supported
3 “Subtitle Delay” can be set manually now. During the media playback, in the bottom right of playback control, click Info button. Then select “Subtitle Delay” to set a subtitle delay. Please note that by default, a subtitle delay value will only be used once. Set GoodPlayer–>Settings–>”Audio/Video Setting”–>”Subtitle Delay” to “On”, then the subtitle delay value will be kept for all the media globally

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