It’s not a good time to be a Windows Media Center fan, no update in Windows 8, no way to install Media Center in the RTM version of Windows 8 yet and now another blow. The Internet TV features in Windows Media Center which at one point looked like the future of Media Center are to be removed by Microsoft from September 20th. In the UK the feature is under the MSN Video tile and if you have already configured it will continue to work till September 20th, if you haven’t configured it it’s to late you won’t be able to install it at all.

This is my Windows 7 machine and the picture above is a Windows 8 machine that hadn’t been configured.


Does anybody still use Internet TV in Media Center? Do you care if it’s gone, fellow MVP Barb Bowman found lots of unhappy users in the forums

6 thoughts on “Microsoft kill Internet TV features in Windows Media Center”
  1. when the users created the they stuck a massive middle finger up to Microsoft. I’m sure the decision to kill of MC was already made but this was the straw that broke the camels back. the users of a product get the product they deserve. in this case the product is being discontinued, what does that tell you about the users?

    1. Microsoft gave a big middle finger to the TGB users when they destroyed the original website and made it the Windows Experts Community. Most of the users responded by not visiting anymore. The new website,, was created to give the community somewhere else to go.

  2. I never use it. There are way better options out there. Especially if you’re in the US. Like or

  3. I’m pretty sure Media Center will disappear as we currently know it. All effort from MS toward streaming TV through Xbox would indicate that something else is coming. I guess Windows and Xbox vNext will be huge together,but that’s a whole lotta guessing 🙂

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