DVBLogic have added another product to their range. DVBLink EPG Loader for TimeFor.TV enables using TimeFor.TV EPG service with DVBLink, TimeFor.TV is EPG provider focusing on Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

There is a standalone version and a bundle DVBLink Connected Edition available. There is also a chance to win DVBLink at our user group!

More EPG information for your favorite TV channels with DVBLink EPG Loader for TimeFor.TV!

14 Sep 2012

Meet a new member of our DVBLink EPG loaders family – DVBLink EPG Loader for TimeFor.TV.
This complementary product delivers comprehensive TV Guide listings for DVBLink TV channels provided by TimeFor.TV service (TimeFor.TV + subscription is required).
The TimeFor.TV EPG service includes more than 1500 channels focused on the European market, but also including the Middle East and Africa. Information contains full set of metadata tags for each program including name, description, genre, series information, cast, star rating and more!
The product is available for Windows and NAS platforms and can be downloaded from the main page of our website
DVBLogic team

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