Following my earlier post on why on earth would you want to upgrade a HTPC to windows 8.

And following a support call (kids forgot how to log into windows with the pin via the remote control) I have found a way to get the box to log in automatically. It is in fact it is the same as windows 7 but I got to it in a different way. Thanks to they show you how to use ‘netplwiz’ to disable the user requires a password bit, it’s what I used to do with control userpasswords in windows 7.

I think Microsoft don’t want you to use the command as it only appears when you type the whole thing, not prompting as you type as like other commands.


I also had a play around with Start8 from where Start8 brings the “Start” menu back to Windows 8 and you can play with some options with a new start button.


  • – Adds a “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar
  • – Enables quick access and searching of your installed applications
  • – Adds Run… option via right-click menu
  • – Adds Shutdown… option via right-click menu
  • – Choose a custom Start button image

But no options to “Start”  apps in the “Startup” type way we are used to.

That’s another windows 8 Media Centre obstacle overcome now, anyone know how to get media centre to start full screen on boot up yet?

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