Microsoft have just posted the RTM version of Windows 8 on MSDN,  I can only see the standard edition, volume licence and the enterprise edition in my list on MSDN so I am not sure how you get hold of the Pro version with Media Center yet

UPDATE: The standard and the Pro edition are in the same install and the product key selects which edition is installed

So get downloading and upgrading your Windows machines, anybody going to updating their Media Center systems?

9 thoughts on “Windows 8 RTM available on MSDN and Technet”
  1. Upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 with Pro key. Had Media Center. Lost Media Center during the upgrade and there seems to be no way to get it back. It isn’t in add features.

  2. Windows 8 Pro is available for download on the 2nd page. But only the VL version, I hope i dont have to provide a product key in advance to install…

      1. Now the Pro VL is running on my laptop. Yes there’s no way to bring in WMC and also can’t activate windows for some reason (Key is built in). Anyways, may be this is for the best. Will run this and test for some time and will upgrade the HTPC and other laptops when WMC is available

  3. Oh no. I have updated my main pc with Windows 8 Pro and now I have no Media Center or DVR. I’ll be following your website for resolution, Ian. I have been following you for years and you always come through.

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