My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management have been updated to version 4.03 PR6. There are lots of fixes in the update and a couple of new features, it’s been a busy week for the My Movies team as the Mac, Android and iOS version have all been updated this week.

Change log:

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.03 Pre Release 6

Added: Feature table dialog for users with less than 2500 points.
Added: Meta-data storage for JRiver MediaCenter (500 points required).
Added: New Media Player Classic Home Cinema edition with updated path.

Change: Internal replacement of menu and toolbar components.
Change: Event handling functionality now requires 2500 points or integrator license.
Change: Options for refresh rates now allows for incorrect refresh rates as well, such as 60 Hz for PAL.

Fix: Import dialog could throw an error.
Fix: MediaBrowser checkbox option could get unchecked if you do not have 500 points.
Fix: Edit movie online button opened an incorrect view.
Fix: Minor updates to the refresh rate changing.
Fix: Directors got added to actors list.
Fix: Automatic refresh rate change did not revert when checking resolutions.
Fix: “Online titles” option did not include titles of type Online (Folder Content).
Fix: API returned wrong image path in case of a multi-zone environment.
Fix: Issue with TV Series on DVD and category list.
Fix: SageTV properties file could continue to be stored by folder monitoring.
Fix: SQL Server 2008 R2 should be installed under Windows 8, but it did not, if the release was not with Windows Media Center.
Fix: Box set titles did not display correct backdrop.
Fix: Various fixes to box set contribution.

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