DVBlogic have released version 4.5 of the DVBLink suite of products. Version 4.5 adds a built in recorder so it is no longer dependent on Windows Media Center, you could build a DVBLink server on a server platform and still consume the content from Media Center, Android device or iOS.

If you haven’t tried DVBLink its worth giving a try as there is a free trial version. Details from DVBLogic:

DVBLink products v4.5 are released!

29 Jun 2012

DVBLink products update version 4.5 is released!

Including built-in DVBLink recorderUnicable support and a lot of usability improvements! Now you can use your DVBLink server to record content locally and watch it in networked MediCenter and DLNA clients!

v4.5 is a major milestone in DVBLink products development. What is new/changed from the previous release:


  • Added: New product licensing engine
  • Added: Default EPG source for each channel (e.g. with this feature TVSource channels will use EPG from stream automatically without manual mapping)
  • Added: New channel selection control for improved speed and convenience
  • Added: UI improvements for web configuration interface
  • Added: Automatic sequential channel numbering
  • Added: Automatic shifted channel numbering (after inserting a channel number all channel numbers above it shift up by one)
  • Added: optional authorization when accessing DVBLink web configuration, web streaming interface and DVBLink Remote API
  • Fixed: A number of MediaCenter growing database fixes (also some new ones not present in the previously released patches)
  • Fixed: xmltv source causes stutter every hour (there are two fixes here actually: xmltv update period is 12 hours now and the priority of update thread was lowered)

DVBLink TVSource:

  • Added: Unicable support (only for tuners, which support raw diseqc commands. Most of them do, but for example for DigitalDevices tuners users need to use their own Unicable configuration management)
  • Added: PCTV 460e 1.0 diseqc and Unicable support
  • (Re)Added: Channels tab to TVSource configuration
  • Added: Channel streaming statistics (bitrate, errors, packet discontinuity) to Channels tab of TVSource configuration
  • Added: “Wait for lock on tune” flag to TVSource tuner device properties (especially important for timer recordings on partially offline channels like BBC3 and BBC4)
  • Added: CI module support for TBS tuners
  • Added: Support for DigitalDevices CI4All module, which works with DigitalDevices as well as other brands of tuners
  • Added: raw diseqc command support for Twinhan clones (Terratec S7, SkyStar HD2 etc.)
  • Fixed: Updated transponder files
  • Added: Prescanned channel files for Astra 19 and HotBird 13 with automatic channel selection for Austrian, German and Swiss channel presets
  • Fixed: Long load time for PCTV nanoStick T2 290e
  • Fixed: EIT scanner consumes a lot of memory to keep collected EPG data
  • Fixed: “PAT scanning times out message” when scanned transponder id does not match the actual
  • Fixed: no signal on TBS5980 when going from qpsk to 8psk transponder
  • Fixed: no signal on DVB-S2/QPSK transponders for Twinhan clones

DVBLink Connect! Server

  • Added: built-in dvblink recorder (please read more about it in notes below)
  • Fixed: DLNA server hang-up on start
  • Fixed: DLNA server compatibility with XBMC Eden (and some other DLNA clients)
  • Fixed: Network MediaCenter client uses TCP streaming by default (instead of UDP)
  • Fixed: Improved sound quality for Android and IPhone streaming

DVBLink for Dreambox

  • Fixed: Channel streaming consumes hard disk space
  • Fixed: 3 minutes delay during system start-up also blocking aother services

DVBLink for Kartina.TV

  • Added: support for video library and archive (Архив и Видеотека)

Tip! Check out new screenshots of DVBLink Media Library and DVBLink Recorder web interface


  • The 4.5 update is free of charge update for all v4 users. For v3 users the current paid upgrade rules apply.
  • This version is not binary compatible with version 2.x, 3.x, 4.0/4.1 and beta/RC of 4.5. You will have to uninstall them completely before installing this version. Do not forget to make a backup!
  • v4.5 products use new licensing engine. At the moment only trial activation is possible. We will import our v4 customer database next week into a new engine database and every v4 product owner will get an e-mail with activation instructions.
  • 1geek1tool products are not supported (yet) in this version
  • If you observe any artifacts in web configuration page, try reloading the page before writing about it on the forum
  • DVBLink v4.5 products come standard as 8-tuner version. Those who would like to have less DVBLink tuners installed can find instructions on how to do it on ourWiki

DVBLink built-in recorder

  • Recording timers can be programmed and managed using DVBLink clients: web interface and mobile clients. Web interface provides more advanced timer management functionality than mobile clients – e.g. schedule overview, timer conflict overview, changing recording settings and defaults
  • Windows MediaCenter Guide cannot be used to program timers in built-in DVBLin recorder. Timers programmed using MCE Guide interface will be recorded locally on that MCE computer
  • Windows MediaCenter EPG (delivered by Microsoft) is not used by built-in recorder
  • Recorded content can be watched using special DVBLink Media Library MCE addin and using DLNA clients
  • No playback of recorded content is possible on mobile clients (yet)
  • Recordings are done in native transport stream format
  • Recorded content is physically located (by default) in c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDVBLink
  • Channel line-up, EPG information and timers, displayed in DVBLink clients, are taken from the built-in DVBLink recorder (not from MCE). This means that MediaCenter is not required anymore for clients operations.
  • Those who prefer using the old way – e.g. working with MediaCenter database instead of internal DVBLink recorder – can do this by a) stop dvblink windows service, b) open dvblink_configuration.xml in text editor, c) changing all occurencies of “dlrecorder” into “mc_recorder”, d) saving file and starting dvblink windows service
  • Remote API for accessing recorded content is not implemented (yet)

Installation instructions

  • Make a backup of your current DVBLink installation. Do not forget about the contents of your Plugin folder(s), additional playlists and other extra
  • Uninstall all your DVBLink products, reboot and delete dvblink folder of the previous installation
  • (Optional, but recommended) Delete MediaCenter database
  • Download DVBLink v4.5 products from
  • Install DVBLink v4.5 products as described on our Wiki
  • Open http://localhost:39876 and activate trial for each product (click on the red line and then press Activate button). Activation may take some time if there are a lot of users willing to activate the software, so please be patient
  • Once products are activated, you may continue with restoration of your backup or doing a new configuration

The installation instructions are described on our Wiki.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

DVBLogic team

3 thoughts on “DVBLink v4.5 released complete with DVBLink recorder”
  1. does the recorder overcome some of the deficiencies of WMC, primarily that it can’t make two recordings from 1 stream for overlapping recordings? i can’t find any detail

  2. Hi markus
    I don’t believe the recorder allows 2 overlapping recordings from teh same stream. Its main beniefit is the ability to record without needing wmc at all. I agree information on how it works is pretty sparse.

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