To go with the DVBLink Remote C# library DVBLogic have a Python library so developers can start creating their own clients for DVBLink Connect! Server using the Python library.

Get the download and more details from their forum

The attachment of this topic contains a set of Python classes that we use in our products to work with DVBLink Connect! Server using its Remote API.
With this library we would like to provide kick-start experience for our users who would like to write their own client for DVBLink Connect! Server.

At the moment there is not much documentation or sample code for this library. We will add them at a later stage. In the meanwhile I will provide a very short introduction to the code, hoping that it is largely self-explaining. As a precondition you need Python version at least 2.4 or greater.

Module contains DataProvider class. This class has a function for each Remote API command.

The module has to be imported using usual import command:

from data_provider import data_provider

As a result of import operation object named data_provider will be created.

Next step is to initialize this object:

data_provider.init(app_id, address, port, user_name, password)

app_id – is a unique id of the client
address, port, user_name and password are server address, base streaming port and user login credentials 

And the last step in initaialization sequence is to start data_provider:


Once started data_provider will connect to the DVBLink server and start grabbing epg information for caching purposes and all functions for Remote API commands can be called.

To stop data_provider its term function has to be called:


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