Ceton are doing some great work with Windows Media Center, extenders and smartphone apps. At CES I has a preview of the Windows Phone app and yesterday Ceton posted more details about the TV features of the Windows Phone app and a sneak preview of the Android app.

A few weeks ago I showed off the re-imagining of the home screen on our WP7 application. While I covered some information, there is still obviously a lot of depth to the companion apps so this week I wanted to dig deeper into how you will search to find television shows and what the experience is like on WP7. To start off we have our Television pivot. Inside this pivot is everything crucial to your television experience on your “Q”. Today I will be going over two key ways to search which is either via the guide or through a channel listing. Let’s first jump into the channel list.

When I select “Channels” from the Television pivot I am presented with a full list of all my channels available to me sorted by channel number. I can quickly see the Call Sign and also tell if the channel is HD or not. Selecting a group header will bring up a nice jump list so I can quickly get to a channel group. Swiping to the next pivot will sort all of our channels by their call sign, and if I select the group header in this case I will be presented with letter groups correlating to the first letter of the channels call sign. One more swipe to the third pivot will bring us to our favorites list. The Companion applications allow you to favorite channels in the app and get to them quickly through the application. As you can see I only really watch 1 channel in my house… HGTV. If you saw my CES demo I enjoy a lot of House Hunters and Property Brothers, which now seems to be an on going joke here at Ceton.

Read the rest of Ceton’s post for all the details.

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