Hewn from a single billet of aluminium - seamless, fan less and yet very powerful.  The soft, textured, black chassis is created to aerospace standards before being lovingly hand finished.  The result is a supreme example of British engineering, that can be show cased - every owner will not only enjoy using this Media Centre, but will be very proud of it too.

On Tranquil’s blog they announced they are going to be including Dual DVB-T networked HD Homerun’s with their MMC-12 Media Centre machines. The HD Homerun is a great tuner for Media Center as it’s network based so you don’t need to have your aerial cable directly connected to your Media Center machine.

You can find out more on their blog and you can see how a MMC is made in my behind the scenes video

HDHomeRun network tuners, allow you to enjoy TV services for any PC in the home, including your Media Centre, or laptops running Windows Media centre etc.

To learn more, just check out http://www.hdhomerun.com/products/models/hdhr3-dt/

The perfect compliment to the MMC-12

But don’t buy just yet! In the next few days, you’ll be able to get a Dual DVB-T network tuner, with any configured MMC-12 Media Centre from Tranquil, for FREE. These tuners are typically around £100, so the offer is very attractive, and you can even use more network tuners as you need them.

All MMC-12 Media centres are available with the FREE network dual tuner (except the no OS version). Check out the base MMC-12.


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