The excellent Media Center addin Recorded TV HD has been updated to version 1.6.16, as you can see from the change log there Mark has put a lot of work in to the new version.

Download the latest beta version of Recorded TV HD here

Change Log:

Version 1.6.16 – Changes since the last official release:

  • Pretty much all settings are now in the Media Center UI. (Wrench icon in the corner of the screen)
  • Added sort by season and episode number to the list of sorting options to the series episode list.
  • No longer show the commercial break viewer while in fast forward 1 (ff1) playback.
  • Commercial Skip Forward and Back buttons (configured in DVRMSToolbox settings) now work while commercial break viewer is visible if you use Left+Right or 1+3 to skip commercials manually.
  • Improved file name detection for custom file types.
  • Improved Season and Episode Number identification for recorded episodes.
  • Now attempts to download artwork for future recordings even if you haven’t recorded any episodes for the series before.
  • Detection of movies of any file type. Name the file either “Movie Name (2010).mkv” or “Movie Name.mkv”
  • Play button while highlighting series allows you to:
    1. Play oldest unwatched episode
    2. Play a random episode
    3. Play all episodes in random order (watched/resume data and commercial skipping will not work)
    4. Play all episodes in order (watched/resume data and commercial skipping will not work)
  • Option to hide the episode count badge when the episode count is 1.
  • Option for each favorite list to hide series if all episodes have been watched. (Change in settings program for each favorites list you would like)
  • Press the clear button on your remote while “resume” is highlighed and you will be asked if you would like to remove the watched/resume information for that episode.
  • Hopefully fixed problem where, for a few unlucky people, sometimes new recordings do not show up unless the service is restarted. (Hopefully for real this time )
  • Changed so that if you press the movies button on main Media Center screen you will now go back to the main Media Center screen when pressing the back button instead of going back to Recorded TV HD.
  • Added an option to use a “Recycle Bin” instead of just permanently deleting recordings. – Improved from last beta.
  • Tab in settings program for files that are not identified properly. (You can identify them in the settings in the Media Center UI.)
  • Fix for times when focus is not properly assigned (and remote doesn’t work) when returning to Recorded TV HD from another location in Media Center.
  • Added additional supported naming conventions for other file types (pretty much any combination of the below in addition to the original formats supported:
    • Directory names can be used instead of having the series name on the file itself… examples:
      • Series Name\Season 1\S01E01 – Episode Name.mp4
      • Series Name\S01E01.mp4
    • Can now also use 1×1, 01×01, 1×01, 01×1 in addition to S1E1 combinations to indicate which season and episode number it is. Examples:
      • Series Name\Season 1\1×01.mp4
      • Series Name – 01×01 – Episode Name.mp4
      • Series Name.1×1.mp4
      • Series Name\Season 1\01- Episode Name.mp4 (iTunes naming convention)
  • Fixed problem with [HD] in filename of Amazon VOD naming conventions not properly being identified.
  • Added option under Series Override to combine series that have different names. Example: “CSI: NY” and “CSI New York”
  • Added support for manually created WTV & DVR-MS files. If there is not enough metadata in the file itself it will check if the file is named with the proper file name conventions. If it is the correct metadata will be pulled.
  • If a movie is recorded and for some reason doesn’t have the proper “movie” designation you can set the genre as “Movie” and it will properly hide it from the standard view if you have the “Hide recorded movies from standard view” checkbox checked.
  • When on the single episode screen the play button on the remote will now play/resume that episode in addition to the remote’s select buton.
  • Added more transparency to the menu strip icons that are not in focus to better match the rest of Media Center
  • If a user uses the green button and then tries to launch one of the Recorded TV HD buttons it will now work properly instead of just returning the user to the last location.
  • Pressing the right arrow while a preview video is highlighed will move the header option to the right when viewing a list.
  • Option to “Allow deletions from inside the interface” (Default is to allow)

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