XBMC 11 Eden release candidate 1 is available to download. There are a few changes since beta 3 (see below), they have also said that XBMCbuntu has been delayed for a while.


XBMC 11 Eden: RC1, ready for take off.

Today we are excited to announce Eden Release Candidate 1. It has been a productive few weeks since Beta 3, as we’ve ironed out numerous minor (and one or two major) bugs.

In particular, we’ve:

  • Given preference to external subtitles over internal subtitles
  • Updated a number of XBMC translations for final release
  • Resolved a number of outstanding Airplay issues
  • Allowed specified movie sets to be sorted by title, rather than year, without changing the default sort order on other sets.

We’ve also added the useful feature of IP weather look up. Now, on a clean install of XBMC, users will no longer need to manually enter their weather location. Instead, XBMC will simply check the IP location of your box and auto-set the weather.

For a complete rundown on changes made since February 9th, feel free to visit here.

Now you all know what to do. Head on over to our download page, pick your favorite version of XBMC, and let us know how the experience goes in the comments.

One additional note: The new release of XBMCbuntu is currently delayed due to packaging issues. We will update this post with new info when it is ready.

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