Dialog heading: Change your language preferences / Link: Add a language / English (United States) is the only item in list of languages

Microsoft have talked about the language improvements coming in Windows 8, in their own works they say they have “reimagined the display language experience” and how easy its going to be to select the language of choice. In the post they also talk about adding UK English to Windows, still not sure what that will actually mean for end users.

The main view of Language preferences shows you which languages are enabled on your system. You can see that on this system, English (United States) display language is installed and enabled. The keyboard layout is also US. Language preferences is the one place to go to add or change display languages, input language, and other functionality. We’ll be talking more about that in future blog posts.

To add another language to your Windows, simply click the “Add a language” link above the first tile to bring up this list.

Add a language / Use the search box to find more. A long, scrolling list of languages are shown which the user can select from.

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