Having wifi all over your house is great but there are some devices that need a wired connection, you could use powerline networking like the set I reviewed recently or you could use a wireless bridge like new WES610N wireless bridge from Linksys. The device connects to wireless network and has 4 network ports for connecting devices.

The bridge is available on Amazon for £87.28, I am pretty sure its been available in the US for a while and according to their PR people its now available in UK.

Connect your wired entertainment devices!

Now it’s even easier for people to make more of their home entertainments devices thanks to Cisco.  With the new Linksys entertainment bridge users can connect wired gadgetry like internet enabled HD-tvs, Blu-ray players and games consoles to the Internet .

By plugging the devices into the bridge, that connects to the wireless network, all of the devices can communicate with each other seamlessly making it simple to stream video, or music and play games online through the game console and share any media stored on any of the devices. With the entertainment bridge consumers can unlock the full potential of their smart devices in the home – just by creating a reliable connection to the Internet.

The Linksys entertainment bridge supports wireless speeds up to 300Mbps, and is equipped with multiple antennas and four Ethernet ports to connect  devices to. It also is Dual-Band capable to avoid interference from competing networks and devices. In addition, the bridge is ideal for video streaming with Wifi Multimedia (WMM®) and Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization built-in..



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