DVBLogic have added a new TV source for DVBLink. DVBLink Zattoo Tuner enables Zattoo internet content into Windows Media Center. The content is for Swiss users and brings 60 TV channels to Media Center without the need for a tuner. The plugin is free but you do need a Zattoo HiQ subscription.


Introducing new DVBLink TV signal source application: DVBLink Zattoo Tuner!

02 Feb 2012

Developed together with our partner – Axel Springer – DVBLink Zattoo Tuner is part of their MediaCenter watchmi plugin. Bundled with the watchmi plugin it seamlessly integrates Zattoo internet TV into Windows Media Center and the watchmi TV recommendation service for Swiss users, providing access to more than 60 TV channels without the need for a physical tuner.
DVBLink Zattoo Tuner is fully compatible with DVBLink Connect! Server, enabling watching Zattoo channels all over the house and on the go.
DVBLink Zattoo Tuner plugin is free of charge for the end users (Zattoo HiQ subscription is required).
The software can be downloaded from the watchmi website at http://watchmi.tv.

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