Back in the early 80’s the BBC Micro project spawned a generation of programmers and computer enthusiast and it looks like there could be a BBC Micro project for a new generation. What appeared to a hoax but now verified as being early information of an actual project based around a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) suitable for education. The BBC Micro 2 project looks like it’s going to be based on the Raspberry Pi board and other hardware.

Hopefully the new generation BBC Micro project could create a new generation of programers.



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The BBC has confirmed that it’s working on a new computing programme for schools, tentatively named as the BBC Micro 2. Before you get excited, though, the broadcaster isn’t getting back into the hardwarebusiness.

The more experienced among our readership may remember the original BBC project to bring computing into schools, which launched the fortunes of start-up computing company Acorn when it chose its prototype Acorn Computer to be rebranded as the BBC Micro. Coupled with educational materials, a TV programme and government backing, the BBC’s project made the UK a world leader in educational computing and transformed Acorn from a tiny start-up into a multi-million pound business almost overnight.

Now, it’s looking to do something similar as a way of addressing recent concerns about the state of computing education in the UK. It’s not getting back into the hardware game, though, but instead working on a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) suitable for education.

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