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At CES I normally do a “Windows Media Center at CES” but seeing as the only time Media Center was on display at CES is when I loaded it on 5 of Microsoft’s demo PCs there seems little point so I thought I would post about Windows Phone instead.

This year Windows Phone had a higher profile than last year and that is due to Nokia promoting the phones everywhere even at the monorail stations here in Vegas

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Microsoft booth had a big Windows Phone display with phones from Samsung, LG and HTC on display but the biggest crowd for Windows Phone was over at Nokia booths, as far as I know this is the first time Nokia has had a booth and it was very busy. They had lots of Lumia 710s on display but I wanted to take a look at the new Lumia 900. Nokia had a few 900’s and they were all locked away in a glass case.

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However I did manage to get my hands on one 900 and I was pretty impressed, its 4.3 inch screen is really nice and it feels better more solid than the Lumia 800. There was a lot of buzz around the 900 and if Windows Phone is going to be success then the 900 will be leading the way.

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I walked around Samsung’s large booth and found loads of Android phones but didn’t see any of their Windows Phones, maybe I missed them but if they are there they were well hidden.

So overall Nokia seemed to have the most buzz and spent the most marketing dollars of the Windows Phone makers and its great to see genuine interest in the platform. Lets just hope Microsoft and their OEMs stick with the platform.


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