The Plex app for Google TV has had an update to tide users along until HLS is added to the Google TV platform. HLS is HTTP Live Streaming and need for the Plex client to have able to stream all types of content on Google TV, HLS is not supported on Google TV but according to Plex is coming soon.

Changes to the update include:


We’ve addressed a couple issues and added a couple little features to help make Plex a little nicer until enhanced HLS support arrives (more on that below):

  • NEW: zoom options using the zoom keys or ‘z’ cycles through: scale to fit and full screen.
  • FIX: Direct Play from secure remote server – so you can now access your friend’s shares on your Google TV.
  • FIX: don’t (yet) show channels on the home page if they absolutely require HLS.
  • FIX: give a sensible error message if the user attempts to play a video that requires HLS.
  • NEW: Alert the user if they go into “More Channels” but they don’t have HLS support.
  • FIX: an issue where connections were sticking.
  • FIX: an issue where video was improperly resized after seek/scrub on some devices.
  • FIX: Artist appears again in Notifications as music plays.
  • NEW: If no channels are installed there is now a button allow you to install them from home page.


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