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Cisco have launched new mobile apps to control and setup their Linksys E and X Series wireless routers, it could be handy for little things like switching on and off guest access. The iOS and Android apps are free the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Press Release:

Cisco introduces mobile app for Linksys E-Series and X-Series wireless routers

Cisco Connect Express mobile app helps consumers control their home wireless network with smart phones and tablets

London, 5 January 2012 – Cisco today announced Cisco Connect Express, a mobile app that brings Cisco Connect software features to mobile devices. Cisco Connect Express is compatible with Linksys E-Series routers and X-Series modem routers and helps consumers control the basic functionalities of their wireless network.

With the app, consumers can use their phone or tablet now to add devices to the wireless network, manage guest access, and change their Wi-Fi settings. The Cisco Connect Express mobile app has been designed for iOS™ or Android™ devices and can be downloaded at no cost from the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

“The rise of mobile in the home is evident and we believe that consumers want to use these to get more use from their wireless network,” said Jens Hofmeister, director product marketing at Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit. “For the consumer it has never been about the device they are using – it is what you can do with it.”

Cisco will continue to include the Cisco Connect desktop software for Windows and Mac computers with Linksys products. The desktop version of Cisco Connect helps consumers set up their home wireless network in a few easy steps and can also be used to customise wireless settings to match their preferences. Additionally, consumers can now use Cisco Connect Express for quick access to these settings and controlling their wireless settings anywhere in the home from mobile devices.


The Cisco Connect Express app is now available for no charge at the iTunes App Store or Android Market. The mobile app works with Linksys E-Series and X-Series wireless routers and requires an active Wi-Fi connection to the home router.

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