Acorn BBC Micro Model B

I saw Andrew posted about the birthday of the BBC Micro and had to do a post myself.  For those of us that remember when computer memory was measured in KB will no doubt remember the BBC Microcomputer , launched 30 years ago it brought computing to millions of school children in the UK as part of the BBC’s Computer Literacy Project.  Acorn Computers built the computer which sold from 1981 to 1994 and brought us the classic game Elite and I seem to remember a great racing game called Revs (well great for the time). Personally I was a Sinclair man and had a ZX81 and later a ZX Spectrum but I did spend many hours in school programming in BBC Basic.

I do think that the accessibility to a simple to program computer is that is missing today, the BBC have more info on the Micro and checkout the BBC Micro at the centre for computing history

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