We have talk about the issues with Google TV before and yesterday during Logitech’s Analyst and Investor Day CES Guerrino De Luca described launching the Google TV powered Logitech Reveue as “a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature” and Logitech had “no plans to introduce anther box”. On a presentation slide they described Google TV as “full scale launch with a beta product” and that it costs them dear contributing to a operating loss of $100M.

Google TV has been very disappointing but with the latest update that adds app support it does have the potential to get better, having said won’t be preparing a TDL Google TV podcast at time now.





One thought on “Logitech CEO: Google TV was a beta product and cost us dearly”
  1. anyone with a modicum of sense could surely see this was going to fail. it would have been like turkeys voting for Christmas if the tv stations had opened up their streaming services to this

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