DVBLogic released a stability patch for DVBLink Connect! The are no new features but if your using Connect it well worth downloading .

Don’t forget TDL Moblie and on the TDL Show we are giving copies for DVBLink Connect! away. Details from their forum:


This patch fixes the issue when DVBLink Server and/or DVBLink Network Client windows service crash after DVBLink Connect! Server expiration.
The patch can be downloaded here:
http://www.dvblogic.com/download/Trunk/ … 111101.zip
How to apply patch (server side):
1. Stop the `dvblink_server` service.
2. Replace nb_server.dll in `DVBLink\sinks\nb_server` directory.
3. Replace network_streamer.dll in `DVBLink\sinks\network_streamer` directory.
4. Replace eitscanner.dll in `DVBLink\Templates\Sources\TVSource\epg` directory, and all instances
of eitscanner.dll in subdirectories of `DVBLink\sources` directory.
5. Start the `dvblink_server` service.
How to apply patch (client side):
1. Stop the `DVBLink Client Server` Windows service
2. Replace nb_client.dll in `DVBLink\sinks\pbda` directory.
3. Start the `DVBLink Client Server` Windows service.

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