DVBLogic have released DVBLink product suit 4.0.01. This is a cumulative update that includes the patches we have talked about recently.  DVBLogic say You need to uninstall existing v4.0 DVBLink products and install DVBLink product v4.0.1 from the scratch and you can use the Backup-Restore functionality to restore your DVBLink settings after reinstallation

UPDATE: New version of DVBLink Boxee app is available as a part of v4.0.1 release! Substantial speed up of Guide loading!

Details from DVBLogic:

DVBLink product suit v4.0.1 is released!

12 Nov 2011

This release is a cumulative update that contains all previously released patches.

What is new and fixed:

  • Fixed: Unstable channel synchronization/update in MediaCenter
  • Added: Full German, Dutch, Spanish, Danish and Ukrainian localizations
  • Fixed: DVBLink Server does not start if there is no active network connection
  • Added: Moved xmltv file location to ProgramData\DVBLogic\DVBLink\xmltv
  • Fixed: xmltv files with .XML (capitals) extension are not recognized
  • Added: ISO-8859-7 and Windows-1252 encodings to xmltv source

DVBLink TVSource

  • Added: Latest satellite transponder files from kingofsat
  • Fixed: Transponder files with comments cannot be read
  • Fixed: MediaCenter may display Playready message in the middle of viewing a channel for encrypted channels
  • Fixed: “Technical problem” stream is displayed after waking up a server from standby

DVBLink Connect! Server

  • Added: Use base streaming port (8080) as control port for DVBLink client
  • Fixed: No scheduled recordings are displayed on Recordings tab of mobile apps, even if there are recordings visible in MediaCenter
  • Fixed: iOS/Adroid app crashes when entering Recordings tab
  • Added: Timer recordings added from apps use default recording settings of MediaCenter
  • Fixed: DVBLink Network Client crashes if there is no connection to a DVBLink server
  • Fixed: Artifacts when viewing HD channels on DVBLink network client
  • Fixed: DVBLink Server crashes when trial period of DVBLink Connect Server expires
  • Fixed: It takes a long time to start live TV after standby on a DVBLink network client
  • Fixed: Streams containing AAC audio track are not played back in WinPhone client

DVBLink for Dreambox

  • Fixed: Stuttering playback of RTL4 (HD) channels
  • Fixed: Slow channel changes
  • Fixed: Dreambox with OpenPli2.0 cannot be used when it is in standby
  • Fixed: Second tuner cannot be used on a dual tuner enigma-2 based dreambox

Since there is a driver update involved you cannot upgrade your existing installation! You need to uninstall existing v4.0 DVBLink products and install DVBLink product v4.0.1 from the scratch.
Please use Backup-Restore functionality to restore your DVBLink settings after reinstallation! Do not forget about your modified transponders and a content of your Plugins folder!
Sorry for the inconvenience.
The installation instructions are described on our Wiki

Important! DVBLink Connect! Server v4.0.1 does not use anymore base port – 39876 – for control communication. Instead base streaming port is used – 8080. Please change port value in your mobile apps for Android, iOS, WinPhone, Boxee for them to work correctly with a new version! Port 39876 does not have to be opened anymore on firewall/router for external streaming.
If you use direct http streaming (for MediaPortal integration for example) – change port value in urls to (base streaming port + 1) – e.g. 8081 if you use default port value.

The location of xmltv files is now fixed to ProgramData\DVBLogic\DVBLink\xmltv. This folder is writable without any special access permissions.

The regular 4-tuner version of DVBLink products v4.0.1 can be downoaded from our main page at

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