The Recorded TV HD addin for Windows Media Center has been updated to version 1.4.30, the new version adds support additional file types, backup/restore features and a host of other features.

Download a 30 day trial from, more details from the change log

Recorded TV HD v1.4.30 – 10/2/2011
  • Support for other file types if named correctly. (See naming conventions here)
  • Backup/Restore feature. Also allows you to restore onto a different machine if needed.
  • Show parental ratings inside the interface.
  • Option to ungroup episodes on the date recorded header choice. (Gives an episode list like the native recorded tv interface.)
  • Pressing the “play” button will play/resume the episode from the list instead of having to go to the episode screen first.
  • Pressing the “clear” button will allow you to delete the selected episode(s).
  • Added an option to have “movies” as a header choice.
  • Added an option to have “recently watched” as a header choice. (Allows easier resuming so you don’t have to go looking for something you have recently watched.)
  • Fixed non-favorites list to hide movies if the user has the “hide recorded movies” option selected in the settings program.
  • Enhanced the delete warnings. Tells you which favorites list(s) the series is set to.
  • Fixed CPU and memory over usage by the background addin

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