iOS5 early adopters are reporting problems updating their devices. The main problem seems to be when iTunes tries to contact Apple’s servers during the upgrade process and it times out leading to “An internal error occurred” with a code of (3200).

Apple’s server will be getting overloaded by millions of users all trying to install iOS 5 at the same time and I would leave it a couple of days for things to settle down. As I said on Twitter the Mango update for Windows Phone was pretty fast but compared to iOS it was light speed!

Picture from TDL Mobile’s @jondickinson

2 thoughts on “iOS5 Early Adopters Reporting Install Problems”
  1. you know i recall some people saying once that the strengh of apple devices was that they “just work”… strange how that is true.. except when they don’t 😀 lol

    spent hours trying to get bloody phone to update, 🙂

  2. I upgraded, unfortunatley it restored by ipad, and then kindly backed up the restored ipad! leaving me with a useless backup. Not a problem for most files, as they were in ituns, dropbox, Live (Onenote) but there were some Omnigraffle & pages files I had not transferred off.

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