MusicBrowse 2 for Windows Media Center updated

MusicBrowser is a free Windows Media Center addin that enables you to browse your music collection via folders rather than the tradition database way of Media Center navigation. Version 2.2.2 of the open source project has lots of fixes and improvements, more details on the Windows Expert Forums


– Added more detail to lookup error messages

– Handling more errors from web server providers

– Fixed bug in lastfm album info where it was using artist name as album name

– Removed redundant .ToLower() on Levenshtein calls

– Fixed bug where “home” wasn’t identifying iteself in the logs

– Resolved issue with automatic inclusion of the MediaInfo.dll in the installer

– Added new start menu item for MusicBrowser 2

– Resolved issues with Last.FM when track names contained #, (, ) or –

– Introduced fuzzy matching to ensure Last.FM auto-corrects don’t replace with incorrect detail

– Improved thread safety of NearLineCache

– A lot of work on BackgroundTaskQueueProvider to remove Suspend and Resume calls

– Fixed background and summary details updating in realtime on the UI

– Moved the thread sleep for the BackgroundTaskQueueProvider to help prevent thrashing the CPU

– Stopped Last.FM data from being refreshed everyday

– Fixed a number of problems Internet metadata provider code

– Removed redundant entity type (Unknown)

– Fixed bug with Last.FM where track lookup wasn’t reading artist info correctly

– Changed string sanitiser for from whitelist to case by case exchanges

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