WTV-MetaRenamer is an Powershell script for Windows Media Center than will take a directory containing Media Center recorded TV files and then rename them based on series, season and episode number. The metadata is downloaded from the file and TheTVDB web site.

The new version has changes like the ability to match the broadcast or recording date, improved command line switches and a distributed build. Download from Codeplex and the developer asks if you like the addin please consider donating


  • If running in interactive mode and there are multiple matches to an episode, the air date is now displayed as an aid to picking the correct episode.
  • The command line for the script now access -verbose and -whatif and these will behave as expected for PowerShell scripts.
  • New configuration file attributes added (see the documentation for details).
  • New ability to match on broadcast or recording date.
  • Zip DLL now included in the distributed build.

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