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The Boxee Box from D-Link has been out for nearly a year now and has grown a loyal following of enthusiasts, the £200 box is essential a Media Player/Streamer and can consume media from a number of sources including local attached storage, networks shares, DLNA servers and the internet.  As well as being able to play media Boxee also has apps including things like the BBC iPlayer app so you can watch content from the BBC on the box, there is quiet an impressive range of apps but I did find a lot are US based so the apps will work the but the content is blocked (like ESPN).

In this video I power up the box and start to take a look at what it can do. I take a look at playing downloaded videos and Windows Media Center recorded TV files to see if you could use it as a Media Center extender. I going to spend some more time playing around with it and then do a proper review.

The box cost £200.35 from Amazon and is also available in the TDL Store

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