is a great addin for Windows Media Center that enables you to watch TV content in Windows Media Center without having the need to have a tuner card. You can build a guide that is customised to your own needs and can work the content providers like Hulu. Version 2.6 has just been released with extra TV features, new themes and a new beta TV search feature.

The new update is available as a free update to all existing users and to purchase go to (priced at $3.99)

Here are the feature of the new version:

Channel Builder – New feed finder that makes it easy to generate a feed to a show without needing to manually find the RSS for the feed.  Just enter a show name and click the feed finder button and the Channel Builder will try to automatically generate the feed.

TV Shows – Now you can optionally use an embedded version of the Hulu player when viewing Hulu shows in… this allows SecondRun to automatically put the show in full screen mode. NOTE: the embedded player has a lower resolution than the standard Hulu player and doesn’t work with Hulu Plus content.

TV Shows – New optional Metro/XBox style theme for the TV Show view.  This view features a single row of larger posters making it a little easier to browse through your shows. You can still however still use the standard interface from the previous release.  The interface that is shown is controlled by a simple check box in the channel builder.

Movies – New optional Metro/XBox style theme for the Movie view.  Just like the new TV Show view, this view uses a single row of posters making it easier to browse through your movies. You can still however use the standard view from previous versions as well. The interace that is shown is controlled by a simple check box in the movie manager.

TV Show Search Feature – We have added a new feature that is currently in BETA that allows you to search for TV show content directly in Media Center without adding the show to your channel builder.  This makes it easy to access online TV shows that are not in your guide or TV show view.

Settings – We have moved the 2 guide processing links from the start menu strip and moved them into a “Settings” option.

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