At long last we have some real details of Windows 8 to talk about and a first look at the Windows 8 UI.  At the AllThingsD conference Microsoft confirmed the code name for the next version of Windows is “Windows 8” (no surprise there) and they gave a preview of the new UI. Microsoft have posted a video of the new UI and the immersive touch friendly UI looks really great and made good use of gestures. The Windows 8 apps look nice, Microsoft are making good use of the Metro UI  you can see the influence of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Media Center, I wonder if there will be a HTML 5 version of Media Center?. The new UI is built on HTML 5 and it will be interesting to see if developers take advantage of the UI and don’t just stick to the old Windows development tools.

More details are coming in September at Microsoft developer conference called Build

One thought on “Windows 8 Demoed on Video”
  1. With the shift to the windows 8 ‘metro’ style UI. Media Center as we know it really does become defunct as a standalone application. I personally see it more likely that the TV Guide , live TV etc will find themselves part of the new UI as ‘apps’ with live titles etc.

    I dont see this as a bad thing, it doesnt stop Media Browser style apps from being created, but rather it solves the age old problem we have all had with Media Center… the lack of applications
    that support the remote control.

    The entire Windows 8 Start menu/page/screen thing lends itself to this, and if you listen to the various demos , the apps shown are driven using the same ‘keys’ we find on the MCE remote.

    All that remains is for us to find out if MediaBrowser et al will still work or how much will need tweaked to make it work… roll on the leaked build..

    Windows Media Centre is dead … long live Windows 8

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