Last year I wrote about Meteor a Windows Phone 7 / Windows Media Center application. At the time there was a nice video demo but the the application wasn’t available but last Friday the Windows Phone app was released to the Windows Phone Marketplace and it available for download ($2.99)

what is meteor?

Meteor is a remote control application that naturally extends your Windows 7 Media Center experience. Meteor integrates seamlessly with your Windows Phone 7 device and puts the power of Media Center into your hands. Meteor is a remote control, but it’s a different kind of remote control. It’s fast, beautiful and smart.

Meteor makes it easy for you to control all of your media

Meteor is a remote control application for Windows Media Center that includes guide data and EPG integration, music browsing, TV and Movie playback. This app really makes use of Windows Phone Metro UI and looks great. You can get get the app from the Zune Marketplace and you can also follow the developers on twitter and get more info from their site

As with other remote solutions you install a service on your PC (available here) and can work with multiple PCs

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