The free edition of MediaFile has been released. The application aim to help you organise your movie and TV series collections with some easy to use tools. I wrote about the application a few weeks ago and here is what the developer say about the application:


Free version of MediaFile has some limited features. However let me highlight some of them. Once you load selected folder files, you can filter them out by extension or by name. After you move them to Queue, you can rename selected files. If your files are located on different drives, simply select new source folder and add files to existing Queue.

By default, movies will be placed in their individual folders. However, if you want to copy or move all items in Queue to a single folder select option “Create Folder” and give some name. In addition you can edit Year information. That includes, deleting, adding or changing it.

For TV Series, you can set Series Name, Season Number and Episode Number starting sequence number. You may leave Episodes name alone, or you can give all episodes the same name including two different widely used type of counters.

Upcoming paid version of MediaFile will provide support for Music Videos and ability to create and edit xml files compatible with MediaBrowser and XBMC. You will able to batch update single or multiple fields in xml files. In addition, you will be able convert between mymovies.xml and nfo files.

MediaFile will allow you to include in your media library files like home videos, movies made up of multiple parts. Perfect example will be selection of songs in Bollywood Movie or set of cartoons in one folder.

If you have questions, suggestions or feature request please send email to [email protected]

Download the free version from the developers site

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