Today is the day in which Microsoft are due to announce the eagerly awaited Windows Phone 7 Mango update.

The event being held in NYC today (Tuesday 24th May) is due to start at 7am PDT, 10am EDT, 3pm BST and there are many rumours flying around about what is in store.

The rumour list includes up to 500 new features including greater exchange support alongside 2 new OEM partners, a possible 9 new devices from the likes of HTC and Samsung and even the latest news coming out of Neowin suggests an RTM release today with the update being pushed to users in September!  You can see a good run down of rumours over at WMPowerusers.

Whatever happens you can be sure the TDL team will be on top of it and we will give you our impressions on the announcement on this weeks TDL Mobile show so stay tuned…..

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