When I first got my Freeview HD tuner card for Windows Media Center (Blackgolds BGT3620) I found there was no EPG data for any of the HD channels including BBC One HD and BBC HD. So I came up with a tool to download the EPG data for BBC HD and copied the standard EPG data for BBC 1,ITV 1 and Channel 4. This solution was ok but the shows were not flagged as HD and the download of BBC HD was sometimes a bit flaky.

So I while I was browsing the EPG guide today I noticed that some of the BBC 1 HD shows were being flagged as HD recordings so I knew something had changed. Jon Souter commented that since May 5th the BBC were transmitting BBC HD EPG data. In fact it looks like there is EPG data for BBC 1 HD,ITV 1 HD,Channel 4 HD and BBC HD (only the BBC show have the HD flag). This means that you don’t have to copy the guide data from another channel or use my Freeview HD tool.



7 thoughts on “HD Channel EPG Data Now Transmitted over Freeview HD”
  1. Excellent news. Have the issues with the BGT3620 now been resolved? This is the only thing that’s holding me back now from getting into FreeviewHD.

  2. So far not working for me, I still rely on your widget running every few hours to work round the hd preview repeat program issue.
    I am on the Selkirk TX in the Scottish Borders, maybe we are not the top of the roll out list?

    1. I needed to go into the channel settings (right click on the channel in the guide) and then re-select the listings data for it. Once I saved it all appeard. HTH

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