Checkout the video bellow showing Evoluce’s Kinect based gesture interface for Windows 7. From the video you can see Media Center being controlled via gestures along with other elements of Windows 7 including the browser.

I can see this being great in a home theatre and maybe even good for use as a presentation tool, moving slides around using the Kinect. There are two editions, the 19.90 euro Home Edition that is designed to control Windows 7,  Windows Media Center, web browsers and other Windows application. The professional version adds support for Microsoft Office and a presentation mode in PowerPoint and costs 39.90 euros.

Of couse you will need an Xbox Kinect sensor to connect to your PC

WIN&I Features

Connect the Xbox Kinect sensor with your PC, place the sensor above or below your screen and start your WIN&I gesture control session. The software will recognize you when you wave one hand by moving your forearm left and right or simply push your hand forward.

  • Precise gesture control software for Windows 7 and applications up to 4m from the screen
  • Mouse functions replaced by movements of hand
  • Quick-Move-Function for comfortable operation
  • User can move and walk around during gesture control interaction
  • User in control will not be interrupted by other people in the room
Mouse Mode
  • Hand detection and tracking – both hands (left or right) will be detected and tracked – only ONE hand is active
  • Mouse mode (mouse is following “first hand”) support for right-hander and left-hander
  • Click and Double-Click functionality
  • Move/Resize/Scroll (both horizontal and vertical) Resize of “various Windows like Explorer etc.”
  • Page Up/Down
  • Standard Browser support – mouse mode
  • Next/Previous slide or Up/Down – in PowerPoint mode
Gesture Mode

Movement of your hand
Selected Performance/Function

left mouse click

right mouse click

Page Up


Fast Forward and Backward
mouse click or double mouse click depending on current mode (Desktop/Brower etc.)

Forward and Keep Position
either Move/Resize/Scroll – vertical or horizontal depending on the position of the hand and the active application e.g. browse

Backward only
„end session“ – another user can e.g. takeover the session



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